Celebrating Kids Eat Right month

Tyler Ryan learns about some easy ways to eat better and even get some exercise


COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – We have all heard the saying that we are what we eat, and fundamentally, it really is a true statement.  If you make healthy food choices, your overall health will often be better.  This premise is one of the driving forces for Kids Eat Right Month, a program spearheaded by DHEC and the Snap-Ed program.

DHEC’s Farrah Wigand and Crystal Connor, bot Registered Dietitian Nutritionists joined Tyler Ryan to share a family friendly cook book called Eating Healthy is a SNAP.  According to Wigand, the book contains “dishes are healthy, easy, healthy, and budget-friendly, and will keep that tasty Southern flare that we all enjoy!”

Connor shared a great way to put a fresh twist on water, citing the importance of hydration.  According to Conner, adding things like fruits, and even vegetables like cucumbers can change the profile of water, and not only provide the needed hydration, but also the benefits that the extras bring.

The pair also shared the recipe for homemade Freeze Pops:


1 banana

1 peeled kiwi

5 fresh or frozen strawberries

1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

4 paper cups

4 wood sticks

Here is what you do:

1. Cut 1/2 banana into 1/2-inch slices and place in the bottom of cup.

2. Add the remaining banana, kiwi, strawberry, and yogurt to a blender. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour into cups. Freeze and enjoy!

You can download the book and all the recipes for free here: http://scdhec.gov/sites/default/files/Library/CR-005429.pdf

For programming information contact Farrah Wigand at 803-922-6788.



Tyler Ryan is an award winning television and radio personality, writer, investigative journalist, and professional emcee.  He appears daily on ABC Columbia’s Good Morning Columbia, as well as hosting the syndicated radio program Carolina Cares on the South Carolina Radio Network, and the iHeart Radio Network.  Tyler also regularly appears as a criminal expert and journalist on regional and national crime based programs like Snapped and Killer Couples.  You can contact him directly via EMAIL Or on the socials: Tyler’s Instagram  // Tyler’s Facebook

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