Tax Free Weekend approaches, shoppers discuss back-to-school purchases

Columbia, SC (WOLO)  —A variety of purchases will be exempt from South Carolina’s 6% sales tax during Tax Free Weekend. Exemptions on select items begin tomorrow and last through Sunday. Tax-free items range from clothing, accessories, and shoes to school supplies, backpacks, and computers.

With the new school season being just around the corner, Walmart is ready to help shoppers find the most budget-conscious ways to check items off of their back-to-school lists.

Stephanie Shinn, a P.E. teacher at Pine Grove Elementary School says she tries to buy all of the supplies she and her children will need during one trip.

“We all get together and just come in here and hit the shelves and try to get everything we need at one time so we don’t have to come back. We’re looking at backpacks, paper, pencils, and anything we can shove in those backpacks and get them ready for school,” says Shinn.

Walmart is offering more than 100 top school supplies for under a dollar, with select items starting at 25 cents.

Benjamin Chen, a rising 8th grader, says he isn’t quite ready to go back to school.  “Not really…I enjoyed my summer very much,” Chen says.

Walmart also aims to help teachers get the supplies they need, offering a way to shop in bulk online. The company’s website also allows teachers to create a registry to let parents know how they can help teachers with supplies.

While certain items like smart phones are not tax exempt, as long as an item is eligible, the item is tax free whether purchased in-store or online.

For more information on Tax Free Weekend, visit the South Carolina Department of Revenue site at

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