Local coffee shop owners react to rising costs


You might have noticed that your morning cup of coffee costs a little more recently. According to NPD marketing research, the average cup of coffee is up by about 9% nationwide, compared to last year.

Bart Baldwin, the owner of Bart’s Coffee Shop in Chapin, finds that supplies that go into providing a cup of coffee have gone up as well. “Our supply costs have gone up on average — and I’m talking cups, lids, coffee stirrers, everything that it takes to make a cup of coffee — our supplies have gone up anywhere from 20% to 50%. And as a roaster…over the past year we saw a surge in the cost of green coffee beans where the price doubled,” says Baldwin.

Kitty Mirosavich, the owner of Cool Beans Coffee Company in Columbia, has similar concerns. “So we’ve definitely had increases on every single part that goes into that cup of coffee. For example with cups, out of the last two years, our cup prices have gone up every month except two. So that’s month to month those prices are compounding for us,” says Mirosavich.

According to NPD’s research, specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos cost about 7% more. Baldwin finds that milk products used in coffee drinks cost about 50% more. “And a latte or cappuccino or any of those drinks, you know, they’re 90% milk. And so any increase that you see in milk in and of itself, that will relate to the final cost for the customer, because I mean businesses have to make profit or we’d have to close,” says Baldwin.

NPD found that pods for at-home coffee machines are up by about 17% from last year. Mirasovich and Baldwin say they do their best to keep their coffee prices down as costs continue to rise. “I don’t know of any restaurant that hasn’t had to raise their prices in the past couple of years. I think it’s very much across the board, because every aspect of products that we receive — those costs have gone up,” says Mirosavich.

Bart’s Coffee Shop has been in business for over a year and a half now. Cool Beans Coffee Company is celebrating its 25th year in business.

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