Shoppers say Black Friday more manageable this year


With many stores offering extended sales and online shopping, several Black Friday shoppers say the hustle and bustle of Black Friday wasn’t so bad this year.

Tyann and Fred Hammett say stores have been much more manageable this time.

“Yea it’s not crowded at all, we did not expect it to be this smooth going. It’s kind of like a regular day where you go in, get what you need and get out,” says Tyann Hammett.

“No one is running over you and going crazy and all that trying to scramble, you know.” says Fred Hammett.

Gail Lee, Taylor Johnson, and Pamela Catoe were out shopping for their children and grandchildren.

They say shopping went a little too smoothly.

“I like it when the stores closed on Thanksgiving, and then they may be slowly opened up that night and then the next morning you had to get up before dawn and get out the door,” says Lee.

“And people were waiting in line outside to get in, ” Catoe continues, before Lee says “And then go eat lunch and talk to your friends about where they got their stuff from. And go try to get to that store to get something like it.”

But don’t mistake less chaos for less sales.

Academy Sports and Outdoors opened at 5am today. Store Director Jeff Blevins says shoppers are back.

“It has been crazy busy today. It’s been nice to see everybody come back. You know the last 2 years with the pandemic we haven’t seen the crowds. This year, they’re back,” Blevins says.

According to two shoppers in Academy Sports, Alyssa and Helen Craig, their Black Friday wasn’t hectic either. “Traffic hasn’t been bad, surprisingly. It’s not like it was before Covid when everything was crazy. But we haven’t really had any issues. Lines haven’t been too long. It’s been great,” says Alyssa Craig.

Ty Leopard enjoys the Black Friday shopping experience saying, “It’s fun for the family. It’s just exciting to get together you know and do what we do.”

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