A.I. frontman subpoenaed by Congress

Ai Frontman Subpeonaed

A.I.’s rapid growth in impact is already causing concerns, especially now with government, or specifically Congress.

In fact, Congress is subpoenaing Open A-I CEO Sam Altman to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Tuesday. It’ll be the first time lawmakers speak with him since Altman’s ChatGPT software took the world by storm last year. Since then, investors are swarming toward the software to get in on the action. IBM Vice President, Christina Montgomery and former NYU professor Gary Marcus will also testify.

Artificial intelligence is currently the subject of discussion as it could revolutionize human society. It isn’t without its detractors as some are openly critical about its potential misuse. Some lawmakers are even calling for regulation of A.I. to prevent it from getting out of control.

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