Man accused of shooting roommate over food feud

Louisville, Kentucky (WHAS)  — What was your most common complaint when you lived with roommates? Well, how about having an angry 64 year old roommate?

The man, Clifton Williams, of Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested and charged for shooting his roommate this past weekend. he shot him right in the buttocks. why?
Well, I’m glad you asked, the roommate reportedly took the last Hot Pocket in the freezer that belonged to the aforementioned 64 year old roommate.

The shot heard ’round the world’ was preceded by a tile-throwing fight. Yes,  they threw tiles at each other. The Hot Pocket thief fought back, and then tried to leave the house – that’s when he was shot where he was shot in the rear. The roommate is recovering.

The aforementioned 64 year old angry roommate plead not guilty to assault. There’s still no word on what flavor of hot pocket was taken.

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