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The American Dream: The credit score home buying game changer

Tyler Ryan spoke with Patrick Whaley from Resource Finacle about a change in credit score tabulation for homebuyers

COLUMBIA (SC) – The housing market continues to be crazy, where potential homebuyers are having trouble finding their dream home.  The other issue for many married couples is that traditionally, once you find that forever home, if one of the spouses has a lower credit score, the lower one is used.  This could be the difference between being approved or…

The American Dream: Offerpad offers a new model in the home selling process

Tyler Ryan learns more about Offerpad, and their unique process for helping to sell your home

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – The real estate market in the Midlands, South Carolina, and the majority of the country continues to churn at levels not recently seen.  Many would be homebuyers are having problems finding their dream homes because of low inventory, where sellers are enjoying high values and quick sales. Although it is pretty great to be able to…