Experts explain how the Brazilian wildfires became so devastating and what can be done to save the rain forest

(ABC News)-  The eyes of nations around the globe are currently focused on the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, where wildfires are wreaking so much havoc that the smoke has been visible in cities up to a thousand miles away and even from space. Brazil’s National Institute for Space Researchreports that the number of wildfires in the country has risen more than 84% from last year….

Brazil’s Senate Votes to Impeach President

Brazil’s Senate voted this morning to begin an impeachment trial for the country’s first woman president. The vote comes amid the country’s worst economic crisis since the 1930s and with just three months before the world flocks to Brazil for the Olympics. After an all-night marathon of speeches, Brazil’s Senate voted 55-22 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff for allegedly breaking…