Medical Minute

Medical Minute: Blood test to detect cancer?

Simple blood test may soon be able to tell if you have cancer

ABC NEWS– In this Medical Minute- A simple blood test may soon be able to tell if you have cancer. Here’s ABC’s Ike Ejiochi. Categories: News Tags: Medical Minute

Higher Risk: A look at precautions to take during COVID-19 outbreak

Medical Minute

ABC NEWS–Older adults and some people with underlying medical conditions may be at a higher risk for severe illness from the novel coronavirus. For those who might fall into a high risk group, do you know what proper precautions to take? Here’s ABC News Andrew Dymburt with more. Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features Tags: Coronavirus, elderly, Medical Minute

Is your job making you gain weight?

ABC NEWS– Is your job making you gain weight? Some experts say there are certain factors that could contribute to putting on the pounds. Is your job causing you to gain weight? A look at some answers in this ABC News Medical Minute. Categories: Local News Tags: Medical Minute

New warning over increased rise of vaping teens

(ABC News) —- New warnings are surfacing about a dramatic and concerning increase in the number of teens taking part in a new trend, vaping. Now, medical experts are worried about what the toxic chemicals could do to their developing minds. ABC’s Maggie Rulli has the latest. Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features, Health, National News, News Tags: Health, Medical Minute,…

Insulin without the Ouch! Medical Minute

ABC NEWS– There is a new alternative for those living with daily insulin injections due to diabetes. The new discovery could mean insulin without the ouch. ABC’S Janai Norman explains in this medical minute. Categories: Local News, News Tags: Medical Minute