50 migrants die in trailer abandoned in San Antonio heat

By Eric Gay, Paul J. Weber and Elliot Spagat (AP)

Fifty people died after being abandoned in a tractor-trailer in the sweltering Texas heat, one of the worst tragedies to claim the lives of migrants smuggled across the border from Mexico to the U.S. More than a dozen people had been taken to hospitals, including four children.

US border officials predict the number of migrants attempting to cross the southern border could reach as high as 1 million this year

(ABC News)- U.S. border authorities are predicting the number of undocumented migrants stopped at the southern border could reach as high as 1 million by the end of the year, potentially doubling last year’s level, federal officials told ABC News on Tuesday. The estimate, which includes illegal crossings and people arriving at ports of entry, comes as administration officials say they have limited…

US to stop detaining some migrant families apprehended at border

(ABC News)- U.S. Customs and Border Protection will start releasing some families apprehended near the border in south Texas as detention centers fill to capacity, an agency official said Tuesday. CBP will give some of the families apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley area notices to appear in court. Others will be released on their own recognizance, meaning they have a court date but…

US fires tear gas into Mexico as migrants attempt to cross border into San Diego

(ABC NEWS) -U.S. border authorities fired tear gas into Mexico on Monday night when a group of roughly 150 migrants attempted to illegally cross the border into San Diego. Customs and Border Protection said the non-lethal measures were not aimed at those who were actively climbing the fence, but at people who were throwing rocks south of the borderline. “These countermeasures successfully suppressed…