Selfie Study

A new study gives selfie addicts a snapshot into their behavior. Click here to find out what constant pictures of yourself may say about you.

Show Us Your Selfie!

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – There is no magic formula to snap a selfie. Grab your phone or camera (if you still use one) and smile! If you haven’t already seen or heard, today is National Selfie Day. Expect to see a lot more selfies filling up your social media feeds today. The most re-tweeted selfie ever is Ellen DeGeneres’ Academy…

What Will You Do With These New Emojis?

(CNN) – Seventy-two new emojis were recently approved by the Unicode Consortium — here are the new icons that are coming your way. Categories: Entertainment News Tags: Apple, bacon, dancing man, Emoji, Emojipedia, facepalm, Google, icons, mockup, rolling on the floor laughing, Selfie, shrug, sneezing face, stuck out tongue winking, tears of joy, texting, unicode consortium

No, This is Not a Pope Selfie

(CNN) –The Internet exploded Monday morning when some people thought Pope Francis took his first selfie — the problem was, it wasn’t true. It wasn’t his first selfie — or even a selfie at all. The picture came from a screen grab of a video chat he hosted in September 2014. The image of the overjoyed Pontiff, posted on Instagram…