Workers Across The Midlands Battle The Heat

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(COLUMBIA, S.C.) WOLO — Not everyone has a job that’s indoors with air conditioning, instead some people have jobs that keep them outdoors everyday. Wednesday, we met one man who says he knew he was signing up for the heat the day he applied for the job. “I love working in the heat, says William Watson. That’s right, William Watson, a City Carrier for the United States Postal Service, likes working in the heat! But, why would anyone like working in near one hundred degree weather? “Just the love of delivering mail. I’ve been doing this for 7 years. I know I signed up for it, you know situations like the heat, rain, snow, the mail got to go, ” says Watson. Wednesday, we followed Watson on his route, this time it’s a residential one with no place to go for air conditioning. “You just have to find like a shade tree sometimes and cool off you konw like every 30 minutes, you know drink some water,” says Watson. Just like postal workers, construction crews are also out in the heat. Mark Hood, Owner of Hood Construction, tells us his crews start earlier in the day when the temperatures are cooler. Hood says the hardest part for them, is the way the heat makes them feel. “It just gets to you, it’s just the heat just zaps your energy from you. The longer you go during the day it just sucks it out of you,” says Hood. Kylin Doster agrees. “It takes a lot out of you,” says Doster. Doster has operated a hot dog stand in the Midlands for the past four years and he says he’s found one way to beat the heat. “Water…not gatorade…water,” says Doster. Watson says this meeting is very important. “You just have to keep yourself hydrated at all times we normally drink water in the morning’s and at night. It’s very hot, but we signed up for it, you have to keep that in perspective, ” says Watson. Emergency officials say there are tips to follow when dealing with these dangerous temperatures. First, you should drink 2 to 4 glasses of water every hour to stay hydrated. Also, heat light, healthy meals and dress in loose fitting, light colored clothing.

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