Are You Polluting The Water?

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Water is one of our most precious resources, and volunteers gathered in Columbia’s Five Points on Monday to place a friendly reminder around the area, that what we do today, could affect tomorrow. “It does get really hot here, water is a good free way for people to cool off,” says USC Graduate Student, Lauren Todd. Yet, what if that water, was full of trash? Believe it or not, it could happen because of trash in storm drains. “All of the storm drains in the city of Columbia, drain directly into a waterway, meaning anything that goes with that water , whether it’s trash or cigarettes, or pesticides, even dog waste gets carried with that water into local waterways,” says Victoria Kramer, with the City of Columbia Stormwater Management. We asked some people getting ready to tube down the Congaree River on Monday, how they would feel about tubing with trash in the water. “It’s disgusting, I would hate that,” says Cristy Vogel “It wouldn’t be very fun,” says Will Vogel Yet, the trash does get there and volunteers like Lauren Todd with Keeping the Midlands Beautiful and the City of Columbia set out Monday to keep the trash out, by marking storm drains; reminding everyone not to dump trash in them. “Drains are not dumps, don’t throw anything down storm drains, that essentially, you wouldn’t throw in your living room,” says Kramer. “People just aren’t aware that when they dump trash down these drains, it goes straight into the waterways,” says Todd. If you would like to learn more about helping to keep the storm drains clean, you can visit www.Columbia.SC.Gov/Stormwater or email

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