New School Opens

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “Everything is clean and fresh and ready for their paint brush,” says Denise Barth. Monday, Principal Denise Barth, welcomed a school full of new students to Catawba Trail Elementary. “There are not words that can describe the level of excitement that I have about the children coming to this school for the first time, and the opportunities that we have for their learning and the fact that we have this amazing facility in which to do it,” says Barth. Even the children were ready for their first day. “I put my book bag at the foot of my bed and I put my supplies on the table,” says one student “I put my book bag by the front door and brought my supplies that weren’t already here,” says another student. Principal Barth says Monday’s welcome took place without a hitch. “I think the parents were incredible, they were patient and the children lit up the facility,” says Barth. Catawba Trail was built in response to tremendous growth in Richland Two, and also to decrease overcrowding in several schools. Because of that, some students from Pontiac Elementary moved to Catawba Trail Elementary. But, North Springs Elementary also has a play. Principal Bath is the schools former principal. When she moved to Catawba Trail, staff members at North Springs Elementary were offered the chance to move with her. And while some did, others are brand new, and everything about Catawba trail is also new. “We don’t have a mascot or anything like that yet, so I came into a place where there’s nothing except wonderful students, teachers and staff and I get to be a part of being hands on and building everything,” says Whitney Goldys, First year teacher at Catawba Trail Elementary school. Yet, because the school is brand new, the school also faces many challenges. “Who is Catawba trail, who is our we, and how is it that we are going to be represented in that greater world?,” says Barth. But for Barth, the answer is simple. “Catawba trail is a school where children have many paths to the future, not just one right way to do anyting and our children know that they are cherished and challenged and we will find the way to express that to the world at large, but in the meantime, we are going to enjoy every minute of building it together,” says Barth. As of right now, Catawba Trail does not have a mascot, but school oficials say the children will take care of that. The mascot decision is being left up to the students for a vote. So far ideas like the Colts, Cardinals and Pioneers have come up in conversation.

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