Mother Accused of Scaulding Child

COLUMBIA, S.C. Authorities say 29 year old Shelby Gardner of Elgin submerged her daughter in hot water because she thought the child was lying about taking a bath the day before. Sheriff’s deputies say the water was so hot the child had to be transported to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia and treated for severe injuries. Sheriff Leon Lott says ” there’s no valid excuse or justification for this, our children should always be protected…” Dr. Susan Luberoff, is a pediatrician who works with children who have been abused. She says rebounding from a traumatic experience like this can be difficult but not impossible as long as you treat the emotional and physical scars. Luberoff says an “important factor in how well these children do down the road is all determined by if they feel loved and supported by their families after this has happened.” Luberoff says if a child has a good support system, feels safe and has a strong basic underlying resiliency, it will be much easier for the child to resume a normal way of life.

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