Brazen Thieves Target Area Homes

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(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C. Residents a little more cautious about opening their doors after a string of robberies hit the Forest Acres Community hard. Authorities say thieves are slipping in unnoticed, some even striking in broad daylight when homeowners are less likely to be home. In most cases police say the suspects are entering the homes by kicking in doors, breaking locks or even climbing in through unsecured windows. Columbia police officer Scott Stover says suspects are going for electronics and jewelry. One resident, who did not want to be identified says the news makes her more leery about her security during the holidays and is suspicious of any unusual activity taking place in her community. Columbia police say they have beefed up patrols to minimize the theft of the additional incidents but are asking residents to do a few things to safeguard their own homes. Police say taking simple actions like trimming shrubbery to keep windows and doors visible and using more exterior lighting can help keep criminals at bay. Police have arrested two people but say they continue investigating these incidents and more arrests could follow.

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