‘Stinky Situation’ for Local Animal Shelter

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It will take $7,500 to repair a septic tank at West Columbia’s Pets Incorporated. The animal shelter says the ongoing issue could no longer be ignored. However, that has led to another problem that could be more costly for the animals. Some of the dogs need to find foster or permanent homes while repairs are being done. Approximately 20 out of the 100 or so that occupy mostly the outdoor kennels need to be removed from the facility so works can fix the problem. Currently, animals are not being properly being cared for due to sewer service limitations, say employees. “Our dogs aren’t getting walked as much,” says manager Michelle Elkins. “It’s taking four to five times longer to clean the runs. “We can’t wash clothes, spray down our runs where the dogs lay, so they have no beds. It’s not sanitary. We’re used to using strong chemicals with a high pressure hose, which we cannot do now.” They hope, since a local company offered to do the services on a payment plan, residents will agree to take the dogs off their hands, even if temporarily. If you are interested in fostering, adopting or donating, call Pets Incorporated at 803-739-9333.

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