More Fans Likely to Travel for Bowl

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “We’ve had a tremendous response from fans,” says Brad Muller, Senior Director of Communications for the Carolina Alumni Association. Muller says Gamecock fans are ready to travel for the Capitol One bowl. “We put information on our website Sunday night and buy Monday morning, we had 3,000 hits,” says Muller. But he isn’t surprised by the numbers. “No, it’s never a problem getting Gamecock fans to go where the Gamecocks are, they want to go support their team and they want to make the season last as long as it can,” says Muller. This year is no exception. “It’s been one of the best season’s the gamecocks have had,” says Muller. But the Alumni Association isn’t the only way to travel to the game, Carolina Tours is offering two trips to Orlando. That’s one more from last, all because of fan interest. For Carolina Tours, the trip size has more than doubled from last year. So how much would it cost you to travel to the game? For Carolina Tours, anywhere from $325.00 to $449.00 per person on a double rate. As for the Alumni Association, anwhere from $375.00 to $499.00 and for a family of four, upwards of $750.00. But Muller says even with the costs, fans will travel. “We will probably have more alumni and fans sign up for the packages this year than in years past,” says Muller. And he says while the season outcome does play a role, no amount of wins or losses will keep fans away. “Gamecock fans are going to follow the team, we’ve seen it in years past, we saw it with the World Series and I think that’s what fans want, they want to see history made, and that want to see that this year,” says Muller. For more information on the trip packages provided by the Alumni Association and Carolina tours just visit, or

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