Second Fox Attack

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(WOLO) LEXINGTON,S.C., — Two people have been attacked by wild foxes in the past two weeks. The latest victim, bitten by a fox in Lexington County near the a recreational facility on Ball Park Road. Parents outside enjoy a day of sports activities say they’re startled to hear the news of a second attack. Many of them say it will now make them more cautious of their surroundings while they are out and about in their neighborhoods. DHEC Spokesman, Adam Myerick tells ABC Columbia, because they have not been able top capture the fox, there is no definite proof that the attacks have been by rabid animals. Still, each victim is undergoing treatment as a precautionary measure. Myerick says once rabies reaches the brain it is 100 percent fatal and must be treated quickly. If you come into contact with any suspicious wild animals, especially any roaming foxes you are asked to stay as far away from them as possible. Officials also say, if you can not avoid contact, and you are scratched, bitten or even come into contact with their saliva, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

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