Job Seekers Find Ways to Rebuild Resumes

This video is no longer available.

(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C.– It’s been a 6 month long workshop, helping the unemployed find ways to re-tool their resumes, and brand themselves so they become more appealing to potential applicants. Some who have taken part in the seminars say it’s help give them good advice on writing a resume and more confidence to get out there and get the job they know they’re qualified for. Droves of students, recent graduates and members of the public took part in a hands on resume rebuilding class at The University of Phoenix. The goal, to teach them how to create a resume that won’t only catch the eyes of potential employers, but snag them the job. Those who attended learned how to write a resume, what employers are looking for and the best way to brand yourself to show you are the right applicant for the job.

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