State Advances Bill on Electronic Cigarettes

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(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C., — It’s peeking the interest of thousands of people looking for a new way to light up while sparking it’s share of controversy. The battery powered electronic cigarette has been on the market for some time, and while select retailers have chosen not to sell the vapor cigarette to minors, there is no law in place to ban the age of a potential buyer. A bill currently in the house is hoping to change that. Wednesday the house panel approved a bill that would keep the device out of the hands of anyone under 18. While some smokers say the bill may do more harm than good, others believe the bill will prevent minors from even picking up the nicotine habit. House Majority Leader, Bruce Bannister of Greenville says there is no proof teens are using the products in excess, but is pushing for the measure to make sure they don’t. According to the Surgeon General website the so called ” safer cigarette” may not be as safe as some think. A report by the FDA claims a test sample found toxic chemicals in the product used in anti-freeze and allege the device may still pose “acute health risks”. The bill must still go before the Judiciary Committee for a vote before it can become a South Carolina law.

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