Tigers Introduce Clemson Will

CLEMSON, S.C. (CU SID) — From its first intercollegiate contest played in 1896 to the founding of IPTAY in 1934, to the building of Vickery Hall in 1991 on through today, Clemson has continuously been in the forefront of student-athlete development, protection and wellbeing. Today, Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich unveiled Clemson‘s commitment to its student-athletes‘ welfare through “The Clemson Will,” a series of tenets established for the benefit, development and protection of student-athletes. “This document outlines the promises we make to any student-athlete who puts on the Orange and Purple to represent Clemson University,” Radakovich said. “Many of these guarantees and promises are not new, as Clemson has long been a leader in student-athlete welfare.” The Clemson Will outlines the athletic department‘s pledge to provide student-athletes with the tools to accomplish the department‘s mission of excellence in academics, athletics, and personal, professional and social development. In 1886, Thomas Green Clemson set forth in his last will and testament the groundwork for the establishment of an agricultural college combining “physical and intellectual education, which should be a high seminary of learning.” In the 127 years since his passing in 1888, Clemson University has become a national model for agricultural and engineering studies, as well as a top department of intercollegiate athletics. In a structure guided by the 12 items listed in Mr. Clemson‘s will, the Clemson athletic department has developed the 12 tenets listed below. CLEMSON WILL guarantee ALL scholarship student-athletes receive a four-year commitment from the institution. As such, no scholarship – be it head count or equivalency sport – shall be reduced or removed on the basis of a student-athlete‘s ability, performance or contribution to a team‘s success; because of an injury, illness or physical or mental medical condition; or for any other athletics reason. Established 1990s. CLEMSON WILL provide cost of attendance, as determined by the institution‘s Office of Student Financial Aid, for all student-athletes above the tuition and fees set forth in the financial aid agreement, as allowed by NCAA and ACC rules and regulations. Established 2015. CLEMSON WILL, through the TIGER TRUST program, provide an opportunity for all student-athletes who have exhausted athletic eligibility or left early for a professional opportunity to retuone space­one space­one space­one space­one space­one space­rn to Clemson to earn their undergraduate degree if they left the university in good standing. Any student-athlete with fewer than 45 credit hours remaining toward graduation who has been re-admittted to the university and into the TIGER TRUST will receive scholarship assistance from the athletic department and IPTAY. Established 1980s. CLEMSON WILL give student-athletes comprehensive academic support through Vickery Hall, the nation‘s first standalone student-athlete academic support facility. Established 1991. CLEMSON WILL develop student-athletes both away from the fields and courts of play and the classroom, providing life skills lessons which include career development, networking, etiquette and social programming. CLEMSON WILL afford top-quality, comprehensive healthcare for all student-athletes, including preventative care, rehabilitation and mental wellness. CLEMSON WILL develop programs encouraging community engagement and service through through individual, team and department-wide participation. CLEMSON WILL provide every student-athlete an opportunity to have a voice in policy and administrative decisions of the athletic department. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has representation from each athletic program, as well as an audience and direct line of communication with sport administrators and the director of athletics. Established 1998. CLEMSON WILL develop student-athletes through elite strength and conditioning programs while maximizing potential and results through individualized nutrition programs to build physical wellness along with speed, strength and endurance. CLEMSON WILL continue to furnish nation-leading facilities for every sport. Current plans include more than $175 million in new and upgraded facilities in the next few years alone. CLEMSON WILL develop student-athletes on the fields and courts of play, providing nation-leading coaching and instruction. Established 1896. CLEMSON WILL compete for championships. Established 1896.

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