Tips for driving in flood conditions

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Heavy rainfall and low lying roads can be a deadly combination for motorists in the Midlands. “We’re going to see an enormous amount of rain that’s going to be collected here in the Midlands over the next couple days to a ground that’s already been saturated. It only take 12 inches of water to move a large SUV or large truck,” says State Highway Patrol Trooper David Jones. He urges drivers to remember the mantra “Turn around and don’t drown” when they encounter flooded areas of unknown depth. Jones tells ABC Columbia,”What happens is, even though it might only be 6 inches where you are the roadway could be completely washed out in front of you. So, what you think it six inches could be potentially several feet of water.” According to Jones, when drivers venture through these flooded areas they put more than just their own lives in jeopardy. “It puts first responders at a big risk when they have to go out and rescue somebody in flooded waters. It isn’t like getting stuck in ice a lot of troopers want to help but when they pull up to flooded waters sometimes they might not be equipped to walk waist deep,” explains Jones. But officials say flooded roads aren’t they only thing motorists need to be wary of when they hit the road this weekend. “Use good driving skills, go ahead and slow down reduce your speed reduce your follow distance between you and other vehicles but most importantly just do the right thing. Use good common driving skills,” says Jones. Additionally authorities ask that drivers mind the barricades that have been set up and suggest not using cruise control in the rain. Officials say these tips will help drivers reach their destinations safely, but they’re asking that everyone avoid travel as much as possible over the weekend.

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