Proper disposal of flooding debris

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — As residents across the state work towards recovery, officials say there some things homeowners need to know as the start the long journey back to normalcy. Days of rain mean months of recovery for South Carolina homeowners. “I knew this was going to be bad but you know I just didn’t think it was going to be this bad,” says Larry Bates. According to Michael Shaw, “I mean you can look up and down the street there’s, I mean it looks like a yard sale everywhere.” As clean up begins, state leaders have specific instructions on debris collection. Governor Nikki Haley explains, “I know people are just putting that on the side of the road waiting for a pick up, but it doesn’t work like that.” Authorities are advising residents to separate their debris into six different categories: – Vegetative debris – Wet carpet and furniture – Household appliances – Electronic appliances – Household chemicals – Household trash Those separated piles should be placed roadside and not blocking traffic or drains. The Governor says, “You can put it all on the side of the road but they’re not going to sort it for you so get it right the first time and that way that will help us help you as we go forward.” Officials note that those receiving insurance assistance for property cleanup should not place debris by the road. Debris collection is set to begin Monday and those effected by the floods say they’re read to forge ahead, taking comfort in community support. “Yes it’s destroyed right now but we’re building it back up and people are coming together,” says Alexis Shaw. Bates explains, “I’ve never been loved or felt this loved in my life and been surrounded by so many people, friends neighbors, strangers caring for me.” For more information on recovery or to register for FEMA residents can visit

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