Law Enforcement Will Increase Patrols for New Year’s Eve

There will be an increased law enforcement presence on the roadways on New Year's Eve as officials try to combat drunk driving.

Columbia , S.C. (WOLO) — On New Year’s Eve, state and local law enforcement officials will increase patrols on South Carolina Roadways.

“The sad reality is people in South Carolina are still making the poor decision to get behind the wheel and drive after consuming alcohol,” said State Trooper David Jones.

Trooper Jones said this year highway fatalities are up at almost 950 deaths, nearly half of those are alcohol related.

“We don’t want to knock on another door tonight and tell another family member that somebody lost their life,” said Trooper Jones.

On Thursday night, law enforcement will increase their presence on the roadways and conduct several sobriety checkpoints. Officials want to warn people not to drink and drive.

“If you make that poor decision to drive after drinking, be prepared to go to jail because we are prepared to arrest you,” said Trooper Jones.

Trooper Jones advised those planning to go out for New Year’s to plan ahead and designate a driver. The designated driver should be someone who will not indulge in even one drink.

“The South Carolina legal limit is .08, that’s really low,” explained Trooper Jones. “One, two, or three drinks and all the sudden you could be over the limit so if you’re going to go out tonight and be the designated driver let’s be responsible and not even drink at all.”

A message to keep South Carolinians safe for a happy and healthy start to the new year.

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