Watch: Flood Damage too Severe for Some Homeowners

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — Sixty-one inches of October’s flood waters submerged Janet DuBeau’s home leaving it beyond repair.

“I lost pratically everything that I owned except clothes and anything that was on the top shelf. If I did rebuild it would have to be 14 feet higher so they’re just going to demolish the house,” says DuBeau.
Her story is similar to so many of those living in the Pine Glen area who picking up the pieces flooding left behind.
Diane Allen says, “Our entire downstairs is totally wiped out. all the flooring is out all the walls are out all the carpeting is up.It’s just ruined.”
Despite the damage, some homeowners are determined to rebuild, seeing an opportunity to build stronger and smarter.
“It happened and we were not looking for it we were not prepared for it but you know we’re going to pull it back together and get it together and reconstruct,”explains Allen.
For DuBeau it’s a chance at a fresh start somewhere new.
She says, “It’s like a little bit of closure because then at least I won’t have nightmares about this place anymore because it won’t be here.”
Neighbors tell ABC Columbia that at least two other homes on the street are set to be demolished in the coming months.
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