Brace Yourself for Some COLD

A big pocket of cold air will move in over the weekend, bringing temperatures down to near 20 degrees on Saturday night. But factor in the wind and it’ll feel closer to 10 degrees.


But we’re on the “warm” side of all this cold air. Check out this next picture.


The dark purple in this picture (Upstate New York and Northern New England) represents lows of 15 degrees below zero on Saturday night. And that doesn’t include the wind! Windchill temperatures will be around -35 degrees Saturday night into Sunday.


There’s been a fair amount of discussion over the threat of a wintry mix here in South Carolina on Monday. If your Monday morning travels take your north and west of the white line – places like Clemson, Greenville, and Rock Hill, then you’ll be in for some freezing rain before it changes to all rain on Monday evening. As for us, we could see some very light flurries or freezing rain on Monday morning. But there won’t be a lot of moisture around at that time. By early afternoon, when more moisture arrives, our temperatures will have climbed to well above freezing. So don’t expect any problems here in the Midlands with this one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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