Some Freezing Rain in the Morning

Most of us will see some on & off freezing rain from about 4:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The freezing will be on the light side, so I’m not expecting any significant problems. That said, for a few hours in the morning, it could get slippery on porches, decks, as well as some driveways and sidewalks. As for the roads here in the Midlands, it’s possible that a few bridges could get a bit slick – especially north and west of Columbia. Here’s a rough estimate of what the radar will look like around 9:00 AM. The purple is freezing rain and the green is rain. The freezing rain is light and it’s mainly north and west of Columbia.


Now here’s a rough estimate of the radar at noon. Notice the freezing rain has pushed farther to the north and west – mostly out of the Midlands.


After about noon, the temperatures will have warmed up so that any showers in the afternoon will be all rain.

If you’re traveling north and west of the white line (picture below) – places like Clemson, Greenville, and Rock Hill, then you’ll be in for a more extended period of freezing rain, with more widespread impacts, before it changes to all rain on Monday evening.


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