WATCH: Community Members Call for Myers’ Resignation

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO) — Community members who have lost loved ones to driver’s under the influence are asking for Lexington Prosecutor Donnie Myers to step down.

The 11th circuit solicitor was arrested Monday night and charged with DUI .
Dash cam video shows  Myers being arrested in his home, after his vehicle was found crashed into a utilities pole on Old Chapin and Beechcreek roads.
For those who have lost loved ones to drivers under the influence, the accident hits too close to home.
David Longstreet tells ABC Columbia, “The loss of a child, there’s just nothing like it’s a death sentence that we live with everyday. We get up trying to find a reason to live.”
Longstreet’s 6 year old daughter Emma was killed in a DUI collision.
Longstreet says he can remember Myers speaking to him while prosecuting the man responsible for Emma’s death saying, “He said if there’s ever anything I can do, let me know, this is it Donnie, resign.”
On Thursday, Longstreet was joined by dozens outside the solicitor’s office, calling for the same thing.
Travis Mayo says, “Somebody in the position that Donnie Myers is in, handing out punishment for crimes it kind of makes you a little leery is he able to do that or is he maybe showing a little compassion because he has the same problem.”
Myers has been on the wrong side of the law two times prior to Monday’s incident Myers.
In 2005 he pleaded guilty to drunk driving in Ashville North Carolina and then in 2012  he was charged with having open container of alcohol in his car.
Lonstreet says,”Donnie is a wreck waiting to happen. He’s reckless he’s going to hurt somebody if he doesn’t hurt himself.”
While ralliers don’t discount Myers’ four decades of service, they say these alcohol related incidents are unacceptable, dangerous and devastating  to the community he serves.
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