Watch: Eyewitness and Council Member Speak Out Following Councilman DUI Arrest

Hopkins, S.C. (WOLO) — Berry Randolph says he wasn’t just an eyewitness to Saturday’s collision involving Richland County Councilman Kelvin Washinton.

He tells ABC Columbia, “I ran down to it and when I realized that it was two of my little young cousins in the car I immediately called 911.”

According to Randolph, the South Carolina Highway Patrol arrived on scene a short while later, around 8:00.
Troopers say Washington rear-ended another vehicle severely injuring the 22 year old driver and causing minor injuries to the passenger.
“The whole back end of the car was smashed in and the front was smashed in and it looked so bad. I didn’t get close enough to go in there but I was just in panic mode because they’re my little cousins you know,” Randolph recalls.
He says the 22-year -old remains in the hospital in critical condition. As for Washington, he bonded out of the Alivn S.Glenn detention center Sunday afternoon.
Randolph is holding Washington responsible, saying “If you’re a person and you’re up in status like that there are certain things you should not do with him being who he is I feel like if he wanted to drink it’s not against the law to drink but you need to be responsible enough to have someone drive for you.”
This is Washington’s second brush with law enforcement since the start of 2016.
The District 10 councilman was arrested last month for not paying his taxes, for which he was sentenced to probation and fined.
Fellow Councilman Seth Rose feels it’s time for Washington to take some time away from council to focus on himself.
The District 5 Councilman says, “In light of his second arrest it’s become abundantly clear that Mr.Washington has some issues at home that he needs to deal with and it’s my personal opinion that he’d be better served spending time addressing those issues at home and allow someone else to fulfill his council duties at this time. As for the incident I’m praying for all of those impacted.”