Watch: Governor Haley Signs Domestic Violence Bill

Columbia , S.C. (WOLO)- On Tuesday, Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill that creates domestic violence fatality review committees in each of the 16 solicitor circuits in the Palmetto State.

“This is pulling in forensics, this is pulling in law enforcement, this is pulling in prosecutors, this is pulling in everyone to figure out how did we go from start to end and how is there a death and what could we have done different,” explained Governor Haley.
The governor says under the bill the fatality review committees will identify and review domestic violence deaths in hopes of improving training and education to help prevent further deaths from occurring.
“We are actually moving forward to help make sure that that victims life is never forgotten, they will never be forgotten the second that death happens,” said Governor Haley. “They will actually be reviewed to see what we could’ve done to save their life and when you think about it, it’s sobering but the details we find out about it and the ability that we will be able to move forward from it is something we think is very important.”
The passage of the bill is the latest push by Governor Haley, advocates and lawmakers to change the culture of criminal domestic violence in South Carolina. Several say it’s a push that will make a big difference.
“I think this has promise to really make a difference in our death rate to prevent domestic violence deaths before they occur,” said Senator Larry Martin.
“We’re not just going to be able to reduce domestic violence deaths but also regular domestic violence and how we think of it,” said Sara Barber, SCCADVASA Executive Director.
The Governor says they will continue to tackle domestic violence in the months to come.
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