WATCH: Organization harnesses power of sun, sets example for small businesses

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce activated its newly installed solar panels on its Gervais Street building Tuesday.

The system will produce about 12,626 kilowatt-hours of energy annually and save up to $2,525 per year for the 5500 sq. ft. building.

The activation of their solar panels comes at a time when Columbia has begun efforts to use solar energy on homes and businesses. Last year, the Columbia Mayor’s office partnered with Solarize South Carolina, a community driven solar promotion program that is part of SmartPower, to encourage the use of solar energy and begin an effort to make Columbia greener.

“The South Carolina Small Business Chamber has long advocated for alternative energy and for programs that would allow residential and commercial energy consumers to affordably utilize solar energy,” said Frank Knapp Jr., president and CEO of the Small Business Chamber and owner of the office building. “It is important to lead by example.”

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce will also be partnering with Solarize South Carolina in July to hold an informational event for small businesses about installing solar panels as part of their efforts to support clean energy.

In attendance at the press event will be representatives from Solarize South Carolina, Alder Energy Systems, the Office of Regulatory Staff Energy Office and the South Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance.

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