Feds: NYC Bank Burglars Stole $5 Million in Cash, Diamonds

bank-robbery22.jpgNEW YORK (AP) – Authorities say New York City bank burglars stole about $5 million in cash, diamonds, jewelry, coins and baseball cards.

The FBI says three men charged Tuesday were part of a crew it’s been investigating with the New York Police Department. A criminal complaint focuses on two burglaries this year in Brooklyn and Queens.

On a bank roof in Queens, the burglars left behind empty safe deposit boxes, grinding wheels and a fuel tank for a cutting torch. Near a hole in the roof was a black plywood structure that the burglars apparently built to shield themselves from view.

In Brooklyn, the burglars cut interior vault alarm wires along with phone wires a block away.

Surveillance footage, cell tower data and a confidential source were used to help build the case.

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