WATCH: Lexington Residents Learn Lesson after Cars Stolen

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LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO) – After three cars were stolen out of residents’ driveways early Wednesday, Lexington Police Department is reminding citizens to be diligent about taking care of their personal property.

Two of the cars that were stolen were quickly returned to their owner, Lexington resident Charlie Smoak, who lives off Sunset Boulevard near Walmart. Smoak and his wife made the mistake of leaving spare keys to their vehicles inside their cars.

“You go to bed thinkin everybody is as honest as you are, and evidently, they’re out taking somebody else’s vehicle,” Smoak’s wife, Ginger, said. The couple locked each of their three cars before heading to bed, but after thieves jimmied open Ginger’s SUV, a spare key led them to the couple’s two trucks.

“You’re awakened at 2:30 in the morning with two trucks stolen,” Ginger said. “You really don’t anticipate that happening.”

Lexington Police Department Corporal Cameron Mortenson says it all could have been avoided.

“I think they just have this idea that Lexington is so safe, they can not be as aware and as proactive about safeguarding their properties as they should be,” he said. More often than not, he said, valuables stolen from a car are left where thieves can see them. Corporal Mortenson reminds you to take everything out of your car and lock it.

Thankfully, the Smoaks had their trucks back before sunrise, though, with slashed tires, a ripped-off rear-view mirror and body damage. They will not be keeping spare keys in the car anymore.

The third car that was stolen was left unlocked with its keys in center console.

LPD continues its investigation into these thefts. If you know something that could help them, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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