Off-Duty Sunbathing Police Officer Says Alleged Robber Made Big ‘Mistake’

A photo of an off-duty Swedish police officer nabbing a pickpocket while sunbathing is going global.

The pic shows Mikaela Kellner springing into action after she says a man pretending to sell newspapers stole a cellphone belonging to a friend. Her police instincts immediately kicked in and she ran after the suspect. When he put up a fight, she used her knee to hold him down.

The alleged robber obviously didn’t know who he was messing with — Kellner is a power lifter and CrossFit fanatic.

“It’s always the wrong choice to rob someone, but now it was even a bigger mistake to rob two cops,” Kellner told ABC News.

After her photo went viral, Kellner’s friend found this superhero drawing online and sent it to her. Kellner loved it so much she posted it to her Instagram page as a thank you to the artist.

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