Trump Reaches 270 Electoral Votes

Electors Stick With Trump Despite Protests

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– Donald Trump has officially reached more than 270 Electoral College votes to formally become President-Elect .

All nine members of the South Carolina Electoral College voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to become the next President and Vice President of the United States. Despite the all of the excitement inside the State House, some continued to protest the electoral vote just outside of the meeting.

In the midst of protests against Donald Trump, the South Carolina Electoral College was able cast their vote for the President-Elect unanimously.

“They received thousands of emails and calls but I knew our electors who had pledged to vote for the nominee of the party would cast their vote for Donald Trump, said Secretary of State Mark Hammond. “They were very brave and I am glad that they were able to come here and cast their vote and not be intimidated at all.”

Before the vote, The South Carolina Democratic Party held a rally about foreign influences on presidential elections.

“These electors should have asked and requested more information about whether or not anyone from the Trump campaign had any relations or influence in Russia but they didn’t do that. So we will live with their judgement and their decision,” said South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison.

South Carolina electors are sticking by their choice, saying their vote is with the public. “60 million people cast their vote for Donald Trump in the general election. Those voices are what matter. We represent the people today in the Electoral College. The vast majority of Americans throughout the presidential process placed their faith in Donald Trump. And frankly, it’s just sour grapes for those who lost.”


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