The Cost To Travel this Holiday

Columbia, S.C (WOLO) — Depending on where you’re traveling and how you intend to get there, a little planning can help you put some of that holiday cheer in your pockets.

According to gas buddy, gas prices have seen the largest December spike in the past six years. Right now, the National average price is $2.25 a gallon compared. That’s compared  to National price of $1.99 for this same time last year. The good news is you’re not traveling far from home the price of gas here in the Midlands is a little bit lower with an average of $1.99 a gallon.

If you want to take to the friendly skies to celebrate the holiday with loved ones, there are some benefits if you choose the right day. Experts say try looking at less popular travel times like Christmas day, or perhaps travel on a Monday when flights are cheaper.

If you wait until the week after Christmas, December 30th is always a good time to fly. If possible,  you can always wait to enjoy festivities until after the New Year. If you have that luxury , keep your eye open for flights headed out on New Years Day through Tuesday January 7th to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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