Protecting your family is more than a battery change

Changing batteries in a smoke detector is important, but not the only concern

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COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)- Undoubtedly, you have heard the safety rule about changing the batteries in your smoke detectors at the start and end of daylight saving, but did you know that the detector itself needs to be changed too?

According to Rebecca Jordan from Central South Carolina Red Cross, smoke detectors are generally good for 10 years, and after that, they should be changed.  “We have a program in the midlands,” explains Jordan, “where we will come to your house and change not only the batteries, but the detector itself.”

The cost of the new unit: FREE.

Jordan explains that on the bottom of smoke detectors is either an expiration date or a production and install date, which will give you the age of the unit.

Jordan also provides some great tips on fire safety around the holidays.

  • Keep kids and animals away from candles
  • Make sure your artificial tree is flame resistant
  • Never leave portable heaters near trees
  • Don’t use fireplace if you have hung your stockings “with care”


If you are in need of a replacement, or a detector in general, contact the American Red Cross HERE.

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