Fixing Roads Legislators Top Priority

Fixing South Carolina's highways again tops legislators' priority list for the session that starts Tuesday


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Fixing South Carolina’s highways again tops legislators’ priority list for the session that starts Tuesday. But roadblocks remain to any plan that increases gas taxes to fund construction.

Proposals in the House and Senate would eventually increase the state’s gas tax to 26 cents or 28 cents per gallon.

Senators opposed to raising the gas tax have blocked previous proposals, aided by Gov. Nikki Haley’s years-long veto pledge.

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey says he’s optimistic legislators can reach consensus this year.

But Sen. Tom Davis indicates he’s ready to filibuster again, unless the Legislature first passes a law giving the governor complete oversight of the Department of Transportation.

And Democrats remain wary of efforts to couple the gas tax increase with a cut to income and business taxes.

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