Center Dedicated to Better Educating Black Children Comes to USC

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- A new center at USC is dedicated to making sure students of every background have equal opportunities to learn in the classroom.

Some students may find it difficult to relate to subjects being taught in school. Dr. Gloria Boutté of USC says the Center for Education and Equity of African American students may bring solutions.

“Our is that we believe in the possibility and the power of the black child,” began Boutté. “The goal is to focus on helping educators figure out how to better educate African American students.”

The center, previously housed at Benedict College since 2002, provides strategies for university professors, community members, parents, and public school teachers to use with students.
Julia Dawson is a second year teacher at W.A. Perry Middle School. With a student body of mostly black students, Dawson says the center helps  teachers develop a sense of cultural awareness.

“Dr. Boutté, all of the people at the center, my mentor teachers here are teaching me how to do that through history. What is education? Of course, it’s to strengthen our minds but it’s also to strengthen our bonds as a society.”

Though the center specializes in educating those who lead students, the center’s end goal is to help students reach their full potential.

The center will be hosting a number of events this month. You can learn more about the center here:



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