S.C. House Votes to Add Roads Bill to State Budget

Amendment Passes With Vote of 87 to 22

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- In a rare move, the House passed Amendment 2A to amend the state budget Wednesday.  The move ensures the roads bill will be negotiated during the budget conference committee.

With a vote of 87 to 22, the House of Representatives passed the budget amendment,  hoping to give their version of the roads bill some more support.
“The other option we have is to make this a part two amendment of the budget and hopefully that then forces the Senate to continue on the bill they’re on and hopefully come to a solution. It also gives us another bite at the apple of transportation needs of South Carolina should the other bill fail,” said House Majority Leader Gary Simrill.
The amendment comes after the Senate passed an amendment Tuesday that House members say gives more money to the Department of Transportation without reformation. House Speaker Lucas says partially in a statement: “Last night’s senate amendment is a nonsensical approach to addressing the state’s greatest economic and safety issue. The Senate language strips all governance reforms to the department of transportation and prevents money collected at the gas pump from being used solely for road repair.”

The House’s budget amendment will go to a conference committee made up of three senators and three House members. Representative Simrill says he remains hopeful that the bill will pass in the Senate.

“The ideal situation is to let the legislative process work, for the Senate to pass 3516 knowing we’ll have some differences and let us work it out in conference, send it to the governor and see if he will either sign or veto the bill. At least, we’ll have forward movement with the changes that happened last night in 3516, it make me doubt that process and the progress,” said Simrill.


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