Longtime Watchdog: “The people of South Carolina are tired of the repeated indictments.”

COLUMBIA, S.C.  (WOLO)- Representative Bobby Harrell, Representative Jim Merrill, Senator John Courson and now, Representative Rick Quinn. All of these lawmakers were accused of violating ethics while serving in the statehouse.

Quinn is the latest legislator to be named in a statehouse probe conducted by Solicitor David Pascoe.

Quinn stands accused on one count of  common law misconduct in office and one count of statutory misconduct in office. According to the Associated Press, the indictments accuse Quinn of taking over $4.5 million from lobbyists through he and his father’s firm, Richard Quinn and Associates.

That same firm is connected to Merrill and Quinn’s misconduct indictment’s and Harrell’s guilty plea.

Longtime watchdog John Crangle says corruption at the state house must be stopped.

“The people of South Carolina are tired to death of the repeated indictments and convictions of public officials who are taking advantage of their office for selfish and irresponsible purposes,” said Crangle.

According to the AP, Quinn maintains he has done nothing wrong. If convicted, Quinn could face 11 years in prison. A bond date has not been announced yet.




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