Midlands Residents Voice Their Concerns About Politics And Corruption

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- lawmakers speaking to a packed house about corruption and politics on Wednesday.

“Too many people get power and there is not enough accountability in our legislature,” Mike Rose, R-Dorchester said.

Politics and corruption are being in the Midlands after another lawmakers ethics were put into question.

“Obviously the system is not working, obviously it needs to be changed,”Rose said. “People need to get involved and press for change.”

“We have to challenge the existing elected officials in order to make sure they represent our best interest,” Marjorie Hammock, SC Progessive Network Co-Chair said.

The South Carolina Progressive Network held a forum for residents who are demanding answers. Some residents were asking can citizens help put an end to corruption.

“We need to look more closely at the kind of people we are electing and making sure those people have character or people with integrity,” Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, District 66 Orangeburg County said.

“We have to step up and let people know that we will hold them accountable by electing them or not electing them,” Hammock said.

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