Blesk And Handler Deputy Matthew Fields Joins Lexington K9 Team

There are two new faces on the Lexington Sheriff Department’s K9 Team and one’s a lot furrier! Meet the new kids on the block-- Blesk and his handler Matthew Fields.

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“When it’s time to go to work he’s ready to go. He starts spinning in circles when I tell him it’s time to get to work,” Matthew Fields said, a new deputy with the Lexington County Sheriffs K9 team said.

The big pup is the newest addition to the K9 unit in Lexington, but don’t let the rookie fool you! He’s already brought two criminals to justice.

“For us to be able to put away two people in our first month… it’s a very big step to see all this training come together and be put in real life application and actually put somebody away. So the bond between me and him is getting stronger, and it’ll only get stronger,” Fields said.

The German shepherd mix Blesk was donated to the department by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation. Blesk is originally from the Czech Republic, but they did all of their training in Georgia… and within his first two weeks, he put two bad guys behind bars.

“He’s pretty quick! He’s only two years old but he’s already showing he has a lot of strength and a lot of power,” Fields said.

Blesk means lighting in the Czech Republic and it’s a fitting name because he is fast. When off the job, his slobbery personality shines.

“He’s become a little bit more of a jokester at the house. You know, playing around, bouncing off the fence and stuff like that. But he is strong and he will pull you. So you have to be on your feet and ready to go when he is,” Fields said.

Fields says he loves working with Blesk, and he’s having fun getting to know his best friend and partner.

“He doesn’t talk back, all the time. He’ll bark every now and then, but for the most part, he’s pretty quiet and does what I tell him to do,” Fields laughed.

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