City of Columbia Says $93M Bond Will Fix Flood Prone Areas

Another day of rain means another day of flooding in spots around town, however the City of Columbia says there is a solution in sight.

On Sunday night officials got called out to almost a dozen water rescues and eight people were saved from flooded cars. The Columbia Fire department responded to more than 130 calls within six hours.

On Monday the same areas were flooded.
“The flooding was a little annoying,” resident, Taylor Spire said.

Residents found themselves stranded.

“It was inconvenient because we can’t even go down our streets when its raining because our cars will bottom out when it floods,” Spires said.

“I haven’t been able to get home a couple of nights just because I live on the other side of town,” resident, Emily Moorem said.

High water level caused roadways to turn into lakes.

Now the city says they might have a fix thanks to a $93 million storm water bond.

“In the first couple of years we’re going to be doing a lot of  studies and designs were we can do that construction,” City of Columbia Director of Engineering, Dana Higgens. “We expect within the next couple of years to get that construction started within the next four to 5 years.”

The money will go towards 23 projects throughout different areas to fix storm water infrastructure.

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