Dutch Forks High School Teacher On Jeopardy


Irmo, SC (WOLO)– A teacher from Dutch Fork High School is going to be on America’s Favorite quiz show. Who is Robert Barron?  That’s correct! He’s the history teacher that will be seen by more than 25 million viewers.


“Alright Robert, you’re up… And then they’re mic-ing me up. I’m at the podium and then immediately the music rolls, and then the camera is coming down on a boom in front of you. And so that was pretty intense,” Barron said.


Barron, or better known as Mr. Barron around the halls of Dutch Fork High school in Irmo, got to go on a three-day trip he was not expecting.  Students of Barron say he has a way of engaging them with history and they are excited to see how he does when he’s the one taking the test.


“So I’m in US history right now, and he likes to provide a lot of details that you won’t normally find in textbooks,” Aiden McCabe said, a junior in his U.S. History class. 


“This week in the hall, they’ve been saying ‘hey, we’re going to watch you on Jeopardy, we’re having a watch party’ and all of this kind of stuff. So that’s pretty wild,” Barron said.


Barron took the online quiz and got the phone call to audition for Jeopardy in Charleston in October. In March they called to say a buzzer was his.


“A lot of forms, more interviewing, a lot of times sitting in the chair with makeup. I thought just a little bit of makeup- but they had us sitting there for twenty minutes, doing all that. So that was kind of cool, to see the whole process of how the game show worked,” Barron said.  Even though the South Carolina husband and father was a little nervous, he says he’d do it again in a heartbeat.


“I think by the time double jeopardy rolled around, I was a little more relaxed and having fun and then it was just over. It went by really fast,” Barron said. 



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