Midlands Church Holds Candlelight Vigil in Honor of Las Vegas Victims

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)- A Midlands Church held a candlelight vigil on Thursday in honor of the lives lost in Vegas.

Mourners  say  now is the time to find a solution to unnecessary gun violence.

“It’s important that we just educate the community,” Rev. Carey Grady, Pastor of Reid Chapel AME Church said. “Everyone has a voice, we don’t always think that. We’ve got to do something.”

The church opened it’s doors on Thursday night and invited the community in after graphic images of people running for their lives were captured on camera.

“My heart just bleeds for the families,” Helen Grant. church visitor said.

“We’ve opened up our church to just really speak truth to power and to bring awareness to social issues that affect us,” Grady said.

Some mourners not apart of the church but came tonight because they’ve been affected by gun violence. Grant lost her grandson in 2008.

“He was shot 5 times and he died in a puddle of blood,” Grant said fighting back tears.

Church members say you didn’t have to lose someone to a gun to feel for the 58 lives that were taken.

“The tragedy in Las Vegas was overwhelming,” Grady said. “Reading all of those names, and the senseless of it all. Then to realize it’s part of a larger problem.”

Grady said the larger problem is unnecessary gun violence.

“We have to do something about it and in order for that to happen a lot of people will have to make compromises,” Grady said.  “It’s not against persons who are responsible gun owners, but something has to be done.”

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