Affordable Care Act Enrollment Deadline Is Dec. 15, Avoid Fines in 2018


Columbia, SC (WOLO)– The deadline for getting health insurance is quickly approaching and you want to make sure you’re covered for 2018. Otherwise you might be facing a pretty hefty fine. Many health insurance providers across the country are doing what they can to make sure everyone has the right plan and that there’s no confusion when it comes to health-insurance coverage and cost.


“One of the things that’s interesting about this years plans is we have 24 plans at Blue Cross Blue Shield, so it gives a lot of people a lot of options for their health insurance needs,” Shawn Skillman said, a spokesperson with BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.  People like Sharon Pfost, who said she is on the market to see if one of those 24 plans is a better option for her and her family.


“When we finally did get back on health insurance it was a huge blessing because, you know, there were some medical issues came up that we were able to get support through because of it. So I wouldn’t want to go without insurance again,” Pfost said. 


If you fail to meet deadline, you will have to pay a fine. In 2017, if you went 3 full, consecutive months without health insurance you’d get a penalty. A fine of either 2.5% of your household income, or a fee per person. A maximum fine of more than 2-thousand dollars.


“Medical bills are so high, and I wish there was a way to address the problem with the cost of healthcare and the cost of medications. I think they’re outrageous. And so, I don’t know how anybody can do it without insurance,” Pfost said.  Pfost said it is just too risky to go without health insurance now days, and there are so many options available that she believes everyone can afford it.


“Just to have that backup. Insurance is for that stuff that we’re not planning,” Pfost said. 


To enroll before the December 15 deadline, you can head to Health Care or call 877-259-6110. 

There are also many places around the state to have someone help you pick the right plan for you. Just click here to find out where those events are.

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