McMaster Calls for Base Load Review Replacement

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO)– Gov. Henry McMaster says its time for rate payers to stop paying for the abandoned reactors at the VC Summer Nuclear facility.

In a letter to lawmakers, Gov. McMaster says he wants them to replace the Base Load Review Act with allowed SCANA and Santee Cooper to charge customers for the reactors before they began producing power.

Last week, the office of regulatory staff determined the companies would not go bankrupt if they stopped charging for the plants.

A claim SCANA refutes.

The house is debating several bills reforming utilities and dealing with the abandoned plants.

Virginia-based Dominion Energy has an offer on the table to merge with SCANA but only if the Base Load Review Act stays in place.

Tuesday Dominion released this statement in response to the governor’s letter, “A retroactive repeal of the Base Load Review Act would eliminate refunds to customers and we believe will result in higher rates than under our proposal even if the repeal is upheld in the courts.  We will continue to do our best to help people understand the benefits of what we have presented.  We have said from the beginning that our proposal may not be perfect but it provides a much brighter future with much greater certainty.

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