Lee Correctional Inmate Said Phones Were Not The Cause Of Riots


BISHOPVILLE, SC (WOLO)–  There are still a lot of questions after the incident that left seven dead and dozens injured at Lee Correctional Institution.  One of those questions is what really happened inside the prison walls Sunday night. An inmate at Lee Correctional reached out to ABC Columbia giving details of the incident and said he is tired of hearing politicians saying cell phones are the root of the problem.  

The inmate painted a dark picture of what is going on behind the walls of Lee Correctional. All the inmates are anxious while the prison remains on lockdown.

He fondly remembers two of the men who were killed during the chaotic riots. One they called Twin, Raymond Angelo Scott, was a really good man, he said, and it is going to be weird not seeing and talking to them anymore.

The inmate claims those in charge knew an incident like this was going to happen. He watched it all start from behind bars with an argument between two gangs, which turned into a fist fight, and then deadly riots.

This is a stark contrast to the picture Governor Henry McMaster painted on Monday, saying the ban on cell phones would have made a big difference, and this was a fight over contraband and territory.

The inmate said having cell phones is the last thing they should be focusing on. Growing frustrated with politicians using the inmates as pawns in their battle with the FCC. He says those at Lee Correctional are doing the bare minimum to rehabilitate them and that’s the real issue in prisons.  

The inmate described this as a cry for help, begging for officials to take away shanks instead of cell phones because as he said, no one was harmed because of a phone.

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